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Img00012 My first trip of the new year is off with a bit of a delay. We had some snow last night and this morning that seems to have everything a bit backed up. Eleanor and I will be just fine until take off. What does it say about my packing priorities that I remembered the lint brush (Lady E's angora is fond of my dress pants) and forgot my deoderant?…by the way I will pick some up once I land.
PS this is my first attempt at 'remote' blogging, let me know what you think (also read no spell check). 🙂
PPS thank you corporate america for my new blackberry equiped with a camera.


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Warning Picture Heavy Post ! I can not believe it is December!  We were fortunate to take some extra time offImg_3563r over the holiday and visit both of my grandmothers and my Mom.  We flew into Rockford, IL  very close to my mom's place late Thursday evening (the 15th) and stayed a quick night with my Grandma K (mom's mom).  Mom Img_3475r_4 was extremely generous and lent us her car to make the 6+ hour drive up to visit Grandma E (dad's mom). Grandma E lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Superior,  beautiful country but not the easiest place to get too especially this time of year. Keith and I had a nice drive up on Friday and arrived to the wonderful aroma of homemade stew…sorry no pictures it was gone too quickly.  We had a wonderful visit,  very low key with Img_3471r lots of knitting and visiting.  We woke Saturday to a dusting of snow and headed out to three lovely yarn stores and warmed up with some coffee at Babycakes.  I picked up some Frog Tree Alpaca Chunky  in Ecru and cast on for a The Single Cable Scarf from One Skein ( I did use 4 skeins to make it longer).     Sunday GrandmaImg_3474 E and I went out to breakfast and took a drive through Presque Isle and spotted this  red-headedImg_3477r woodpecker.  Whether I travel for business or pleasure, I always enjoy local culinary treats and I have to say no one makes these better than Grandma E,  we indulged in one of my all time favorites, pasties. Img_3489 These are truly a labor of love,  making them is a two day process and the effort is much appreciated.  Keith had forgotten his hat and asked if I would make him one.  After I finished up the scarf we picked up a few more balls of that wonderful alpaca yarn and a set of circular needles.  This was a quick knit after dinner Sunday evening, of course I had to check my decreases and then the finished product .    It was Img_3491_2 most enjoyable to sit with Grandma E crocheting, me knitting and Keith reading in the evenings.  Grandma knit wonderful hats, scarves and mittens each year when I was younger. 

Img_3437r We headed back down to Illinois bright and early Tuesday morning to visit with my Mom, step Dad, step Brother and stay with my Grandma K and her new furry friends.  Sampson and Delilah are the two newest additions to the family.  They are approximately Img_3444r 8 weeks old and bundles of energy and curiosity. They provided endless entertainment during our stay.  I spent a good deal of Wednesday baking while Keith helped out with a few lingeringImg_3504 chores around the house.  Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to join Madame Purl and her regular knitting group for a bit.  And then she was able to come over Thanksgiving morning for some more chatting, knitting, and playtime with the youngstersImg_3521r ( they were intrigued by the clear knitting bag).   After the pies finished up we headed over to Mom's house for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. 

Img_3552 Friday was my step brother's birthday and seeing as how hImg_3568r e recently moved to IL from GA, I thought a scarf was in order.  And Grandma K also recently moved from TN to IL and that lovely Frog Tree scarf found a new home. Img_3572 Img_3553

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Irish Sky

I spent this week in Ireland and as usual the weather was spectacular.  I'm not sure what it is but it never rains more than one of the days while I am visiting.  It was a quick trip but good and I always enjoy an authentic Guinness :)  I caught the sunset one evening on our way to dinner and then a fleeting glimse of Irish_sky_2 Irish wool in its first stages on my Irish_sky_1 way to the airport.Sheep     

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Sunday Drive

I awoke early this morning and enjoyed several hours of reading,  Img_2797_3 something I haven't done in quite a while. I Img_2796 am probably the only person on the planet that has not finished the latest of the Harry Potter books.  I am pacing myself.  Keith and I headed out to our usual spot foImg_2800 r a late breakfast and then took a lovely drive up into the mountains.  On our way back home we pulled up to a red light and this pulled up next to us.  I think it is an iguana but I'm not positive.  I tried snapping some pictures as we were driving off.  Img_2804r I have to say this was something neither of us had ever seen.   The iguana seemed pretty comfortable with the arrangement though.  I have to say one of my first thoughts was of a knitterly friend back East ( you know who you are) and her lack of enthusiasm for such creatures. 

Img_2807 On the knitting front,  I have not yet blocked Cozy,  but I have cast on Img_2782 the Hedera socks and am throughly enjoying the pattern.  Keith took this the other night,  Panda can't help but be in  the middle of everything and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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Wool Anyone

Img_2486 I have been an absent blogger, reader, commenter and for that I apologize.  Life has been a bit on the hectic side lately.  I amImg_2472 happy to be back.  Keith and I had a great time at the Estes Park Wool Market Img_2475 last Saturday.  We spent most of our time with the   animals.  A few of the goats…tImg_2530rhis one reminded me a bit of cousin iImg_2488t.  From there we headed to the Alpaca tent and had a most lovely chat with Diane from Falkor Ranch,  she mentioned that Img_2481_2 they are happy to have visitors so I have that on the agenda for later this summer.   I got the biggest kick out of this sign….  Img_2492

They were holding llama demonstrations most of the day but it was a bit hot to be in the sun for a long period of time. 

  And what would a wool market by without the sheep tent.  Keith madeImg_2502 fast friends with the Img_2512 biggest of the lot.  Some adorable twin lambs.

I couldn't resist the 2 month old angora rabbit.  Soooooo soft and these little girls thought so too. Img_2520 Img_2500

We had such a nice time.  And if you can believe it the only thing I bought was an autographed copy of "Cast On, Bet's Off".  I'll leave you with a picture of the 'canoes'  otherwise kImg_2529r nown as weaving shuttles.

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 Img_1932_2 Let me just say we had the besImg_1968t time in ColorImg_2008_2ado Springs for our Anniversary weekend getaway!  However, we did not have internet connectivity when we returned and I didn't have any on my trip this week, hence the late post.  We h eaded out on last Saturday and stopped at the Air Force Academy browsed the visitor center and headed over to the Img_1945_2 chapel–-closed for a wedding. It wasn't quite time to check in so we went to theImg_2001 Garden of the Gods,  I loved this park.  We had such a great time explorinImg_1984 g these spectacular rocks.     After we checked in at the Crescent Lily Inn we grabbed a  bite to eat at the Phantom Canyon Brewery.    O n SunImg_2020day   Img_2294we decided to check out Pike's PeakImg_2018_2 we drovImg_2067_2e all the way to Img_2122 the top–1Img_20844,110 ft.   It was freezinImg_2030 g at the pImg_2039 eak a whopping 38 degrees and we were in shorts!!!   I was able Img_2112 to get a great shot of a stand of Aspen trees on our way back down the mountain.  From there we decided to investigate the Cave of the Winds. Img_2152Img_2162   

Monday we headed out to Seven Falls and did some hiking in the morning.Img_2171_2   Img_2185 

Img_2197  Img_2068_2For a late lunch we hImg_2231 eaded over to Old Colorado City for Territory Days and Keith had his first evImg_2182 er funnel cake 🙂   Img_2251  On our way to the Trading Post we got a special treat with some local wildlife. 

Img_2253_2 Before Img_2257 Img_2260 we headed for home on Tuesday I wanted to see the only mountain zoo and feed the giraffes.We also were fortunate to see the newest gorilla addition.  Img_2365 Img_2308


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Weekend Plans

Thank you all so much for the anniversary wishes, I can't believe its been a year!  We were home together Img_1907 this week and you can see how much Panda is taking advantage of that.  We enjoyed a leisurely dinner at the Melting Pot on Img_1908 Wednesday and are headed out this weekend  for a few nights at the Crescent Lily Inn to celebrate. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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