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Riley and I left Keith home this morning to move his office downstairs (much easier without an audience) and we headed off to the Horseshoe Market with Michelle.  Craftiness abounds,  lots of fun!


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County Fair

Sunday, we ventured down to the Denver County Fair.  This was the first year for the fair and it was lots of fun.  We were a pleasantly surprised that most of the exhibits were indoors.  Riley especially enjoyed the animals,  she desperately wanted  the baby goats to sit in her lap.  And what’s a fair without at least one ride? 

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Fabric Crawl

Julie and I set off to take in some of the local fabric sites.  First,  down to Fancy Tiger, then over to Fabric Bliss,  up to The Quilt Shop and then finished up over at Tomorrow’s Heirlooms.  Lots of fun and a few purchases! I have to admit I got a bit sidetracked after the first shop and forgot to take any more pictures 🙂

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Meet Polly

I have managed a bit of sewing lately.  This is Polly and my first real attempt at doll making.  The design is from Wee Wonderfuls , a great book with excellent instructions.  I am already working on another one.  They are kind of addictive.  Riley immediately wanted to read stories and change her diaper. 

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More Art

I put together a make shift table that seems to work a bit better for art projects.  We started with some more Buddha painting and then tried a one of the finger paint recipes for First Art.  Tiny wasn't too sure about the finger paints.More budda painting Fingerpainting

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Just in Time

I had ordered this book and it arrived yesterday.  Perfect timing for the arctic weather that has moved in.  We tried a Budda board painting first then moved on to one of the paint recipes.  Lots of fun and some green fingers to boot.Budda painting Mommy shows me Finished product

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Flour Fun

I was recently reminded of just how much fun a bit of flour and some water can be.  Tiny was a bit skeptical at first but really warmed to the idea.Slow to start Flour fun

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