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Sunday Afternoon Snack

 Img_3436 Baked apple with a touch of ice cream and carmel sauce.


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So with winter coming although you wouldn't Img_3429 know it with this gorgeous weather, more on that in a bit, I decided it was high time that I knit myself a scarf.  Christine was working on this pattern during her visit back in September and it seemed the perfect pattern.  It is the Herringbone Rib pattern from Life's A Stitch and it is such a great knit.  I used Manos color 106 and size 7 needles.  In the interest of full disclosure, Keith and I went by Shuttles yesterday to pick up a couple more skeins for a hat and some wrist warmers. We had a bitImg_3433 of cake in honor of a book signing, chatted with the author and picked up this delightful new book, Knitspeak: An A to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns

Since this is the first November we have lived in the greater Boulder area,  I must say we are certainly enjoying thisImg_3422 phenomenal weather.  It has been in the 70's most days and brilliantly sunny.  Here are a few pictures from our bagel breakfast, that we enjoyed sitting outside (note Keith's short sleeved shirt). Img_3426rev  

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