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Img_1662 Gardening.. yes you read that correctly.  The house has some very nice beds in the backyard that needed some new  mulch and we had some spectacular weather for the weekend.  Keith worked on the yard and I spread 12 bags of mulch on Saturday and another 10 on Sunday.  We left the far left area untouched,  we are thinking of digging that one out and planting some Img_1694 vegetables. Img_1695 Here are the before and after.

I also managed to get a bit of baking in.  We found some beautiful strawberries at the market and that called for an angel Img_1679 food cImg_1676_2ake.  And foreseeing taking our lunch to work this week,  I went ahead and made a couple of loaves of wheat bread.Img_1683  

As promised I have washed and blocked my Bloomin' Feet socksImg_1691 The sock blockers wereImg_1690 a going away gift from Christine and this was my first opportunity to use them(check out the martini cut outs).  This was also the first time I have hand washed my hand knit socks,  I must confess I usually wash them in the machine in a bag on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.  I see much more blocking in my future, they came out fantastic.  Img_1667 

I will leave you with a couple of moon pictures that KeithImg_1666_2 took through the telescope.


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Blue Saturday Sky

 Img_1660 Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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 From Orlando to Denver with a bit of a headwind,  I had a mere 64 stitches Img_1646 cast on at take off and at touch down I have a cuff and one half of a heel flap.  This is the second of Keith's socks.  🙂

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Img_1636 Bloomin' Feet finished…..Hot off the needles and more bad hotel photography!  Blocking and better photo ops to follow.

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Img_1578 Saturday Sky, late this afternoon from our deck.

It has been cloudy and grey all day. 

We were due for a trip to the grocery store anyway and decided to get the makings for beef Img_1589 stew and some more homemade rolls.  Img_1604   
Img_1613 While the rolls Img_1600 were proofing and baking,  Keith made some excellent martini's for us and the cat had a nice lie down in front of the fireplace. 

Img_1617 Img_1632 The final result,  and with the stew.  Img_1593_4

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Img_1571 Img_1572 Img_1570_2 Look what I found in the backyard….  

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First of all, Keith didn't leave for California until this morning so two days extra with my husband, awesome way to start the week 🙂 Img_1549  Img_1551  Img_1556 

I saw four hot air balloons on my way to work this morning,  not the greatest pictures, but a fabulous way to start your day.Img_1567 Img_1561_2 

Excellent day at work and I picked up dinner on my way home.  Sushi, miso soup and an apple martini.   

No pictures of the bunnies,  but we have a resident baby bunny under the bushes by the mailbox.  Scared the daylights out of me the other day,  but absolutely adorable.  There is an adult that has been lounging in the backyard Img_1559 since I got home.  He didn't even seemImg_1569 disturbed when I went out on the deck to see what this was stuck to the window.  We had a package on the deck.  I have been collecting old railroad lanterns for a while now and my Uncle Gerry had picked one up for me.  It is beautiful and arrived in great condition,  thank you!!

I am settled in to finish the Bloomin Feet' socks,  hope everyone is having a great week!

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