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Saturday Sky

 IMG_1372 The moonrise.  I took several sky pictures today but this was my favorite.


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IMG_1350 I Img_1352 have had a very productive couple of days on the knitting front.These are the Dublin Bay Socks in STR Gypsum.  I reduced the with the overall number of stitches from 72 to 52 on a friend's recommendation, thanks Christine. I absolutely love the Eye of Partridge Heel, I can't believe I waited this long to try it. Thanks Julie for the photography 🙂

Img_1356 I am back East again for work and have had the ultimate pleasure of friends, knitting and lots of laughter the last couple of nights.  A dear friend brought me a lovely handmade farewell gift.  Check these out….the most awesome wine charms.  They are little Kitty's!  The picture doesn't do them justice but it is late and this was the best picture I could manage from the hotel room.  THANK YOU! 

The Bloomin Feet socks are up next….

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Morning Sun

 IMG_1348 Isn't this the life?

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IMG_1346 Being that I have not done a lot of high altitude cooking recently,  I thought I would work up to the bread and start with pizza dough. Homemade pizza has been a favorite of ours for a long time and it is so much more fun than take out. This one has Canadian Bacon Pepperoini, Portabella mushrooms, and red peppers.

Although Saturday morning was spent unpacking, I was able to stop by the snb-boulderAmber is in town was headed there with her friend, Anne .  It was nice to knit and chat with the two of them along with Emily and Maggie at Saxy's

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Half Bay?

IMG_1332 So is it a finished object if it is only one of a pair?  I managed to finish up the first of my Dublin Bay Socks.  I am enjoying these although I did take Christine's advice and reduce the number of stitches to 52 and it fits quite nicely.   

 IMG_1335 I have just not been totally committed to the yarn I had picked out for Bloomin' Feet so this week while visiting Cincinnati I stopped by here to find this wonderful Lorna's Laces.  Doesn't this look more spring like?  Now to pick a pattern.  I am considering Pembrokeshire Pathway Socks, Roza's Sock, or Shock Wave.  Your thoughts?

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The Birds

Img_1330 OK…one bird.  I have a bit of a phobia of birds.  I enjoy observing from a distance but am not a fan of 'loose' birds nearby. I especially don't like seagulls or pigeons that surround unsuspecting bystanders and then there was the unfortunate incident with the rooster.   Imagine my surprise when I looked up this morning while waiting at the gate to see this, IN THE AIRPORT!!! Just flying around,  free as a bird. 

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I have been going to Sunday morning knitting with a spectacular group of ladies for just shy of three years.  And now that I am 2000 miles or so away, I am missing my friends.  In the spirit I got up yesterday morning IMG_1329 and made a smoothie, sat down with a movie and my knitting.  Notice the broken needle in the picture that happened just before bed last night.  I had already had one of the five split, so now I am down to three.  I will finish the heel and go find some new needles. 

I was fortunate to have gotten a great knitting and friends fix this week.  Several of the ladies were able to squeeze out some time to get together and I got a good deal of knitting in on the flights.  I am to the toe decreases on the Cherry Tree Hill socks for DH,  but I needed his foot for a final measurement before continuing.  The Dublin Bay socks got a good start. 




Mixed Berry Smoothie

½ cup Apple Juice

6 oz yogurt (I used cherry vanilla)

½ – ¾ cup mixed berries, frozen

1 tablespoon wheat germ

Combine in blender.  Mix until smooth.  Pour into fancy glass and enjoy!

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