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Packing Up

IMG_1240 Boxes, lots of boxes

IMG_1241 Because we are being relocated we are very fortunate that the moving company does all the packing. Are these some great packers or what? The guy that packed the kitchen supplemented all of the stemware boxes with pictures but this is my favorite.  They also left the wireless up so that I could keep working.

I waited until the absolute last minute to pick out a couple of knitting projects to tide me over until I get my stash back.  I have to admit there was definitely some separation anxiety. Everything that I have on the needles currently requires a chart or was too complicated/cumbersome for car knitting.  I did bring the second set of Fetching and then I wound some Socks That Rock  color way Gypsum to make Dublin Bay Socks, and for good measure I attempted to wind a skein of Cherry Tree Hill color way Img_1233 Green Mountain Madness.( keep in mind I am winding as they pack the entire house).  I had a bit of an issue with the Madness,  so much so it required intervention.

Img_1236 After a day of packing and a ball of yarn that was a tangle,  I headed out to meet some friends for a lovely dinner at Bamboo in Westford.  I brought my tangled mess and Julie helped me sort it out to the final ball pictured above, while we waited for our drinks.  Thank you!  I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures after we ordered but this was a tasty Img_1228 Apple treat.


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to Superbowl weekend and the Ewe'll Love It sale.  Several of us went up to Nashua for the sale and I thought I would share what I picked up.  I have been wanting to knit Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style and found a great deal on IMG_1216 Noro kochoranI went primarily looking for my Bloomin Feet sock yarn.  I found some good contenders and brought them home with me.  Two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill ( a personal favorite) and some Jubilee.  I am still searching for the right pattern,  something that says spring. Also,  in the lower left is a gorgeous silk lace, IMG_1226 Andrea.  

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Packing Prep

IMG_1207 Someone is not too concerned about the upcoming move.  I wish I could nap like that.  I got back from Florida on Friday and DH returned from CA and the weekend was spent preparing for the movers.  I gather like objects,  all paintings and mirrors, from around the house and put them in one location for example.  I find this helps with the unpacking on the other end.   DH disconnected the electronics.  I started cleaning out the fridge and I have done more laundry than I can even describe,  exciting stuff-HUH?  Interestingly enough this is my twenty something move,  I have lost count.  We moved a lot when I was growing up and it was always a wonderful adventure to a new state or region.  This will be the first time as an adult that I won't be living in EST.  I am glad that the change will happen close to the new Daylight Savings Time change.  🙂

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 IMG_1194 A couple of finished objects for you.  These lovely turquoise ones out of Malabrigo were originally destined for a coworker but were too perfect a match that they had to go to this fabulous knitterly friend.  The second pair of fetching will go to my coworker tomorrow.  I don't IMG_1197 usually take knitting requests, but she is a pretty fantastic lady.  She asked for wild stripes for cheeriness while typing,  our office can be brutally cold.  Do these fit the bill?  They are made from Nashua Handknits that I picked up at The Fiber Loft on a yarn outing with a couple of friends a few weeks ago.   Theses were such a quick knit and only used 1 1/2 balls, I stopped by and picked up one more  ball to make an additional pair for me. 

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Two Words

that I never want to hear from my husband again….BOMB SCARE!!  Yes,  I received a call from my dear husband (DH) informing me that he had been evacuated from his hotel because of a bomb scare.  We both do quite a bit of travel for work and have had our share of travel stories but I do think this takes the cake.  Needless to say after several hours of being evacuated he managed to be escorted to his room to collect his things.  He checked out of that particular hotel and I was able to book him into another less dangerous locale for the remainder of his trip.   He seems well today and I am hoping my travels this week will be uneventful. 

I did, unfortunately forget the camera in my move consumed mind but do promise a pictorial update towards the end of the week. 

Safe Travels to All 🙂

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Home Again

Img_1157 I am back from Ireland.Here are a couple of shots from the last two cities I visited, Athlone (view of the Shannon river) and Galway.  I have been to Galway several times now and  love it more each time I visit.  A colleague/friend and I went out for dinner my last night and were walking back though the cobblestone downtown and I couldn't t help but smile and  think of Julie,  the street musician began playing Lynard Skinner  "Sweet Home Alabama" 🙂

It snowed here last night,  several inches and everything was beautiful this morImg_1159ning.  As I am not quite back on Eastern time,  I went out about 6 this morning to shovel.  Anyone who has been Img_1164 over knows that we don't have a small driveway,  but it was nice to be Img_1166 outside and much more scenic than the treadmill. 

Even though I know she is well taken care of while I am away I sorely miss my adorable cat when I travel. Panda has been a wonderful companion for me for a very long time and all this moving business has been a bit stressful for her.  She is quite content this morning with me home,  breakfast in her belly and warm spot in the sunshine on the sheepskin.Img_1171  

In knitting news,  I did finally get a chance to work on my mitten and have almost finished the tip.  And a few friends and I are heading out for a yarn fix this afternoon. I am specifically searching for sock yarn to start my Bloomin' Feet socks!!

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