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6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531c2d978833-320piA6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531c297c8833-320pifter strolling through the gardens we stopped by the Farmer's Market, the strawberries 6a00d83451d14f69e200e5533841d88834-320piwere just in and the veggies looked amazing.  I do miss shopping here a couple of times a week,  I was a bit spoiled that way in college.  We followed up our browsing with lunch at the NC Seafood Restaurant an6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531c3c6e8833-320pid enjoyed one of my favorite lunches (not the most healthy meal but absolutely delicious6a00d83451d14f69e200e553383f828834-320pi)6a00d83451d14f69e200e5533847a88834-320pi. 6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531c3e148833-320pi6a00d83451d14f69e200e5533843688834-320pi 6a00d83451d14f69e200e5533847108834-320pi

And this cool license plate was parked out front.


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6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531b24b08833-500wi6a00d83451d14f69e200e55337e9ca8834-320pi 6a00d83451d14f69e200e55337e6938834-320pi 6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531b49648833-320pi   6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531bc1618833-320pi I do apologize for the blog silence….the day to day has gotten away from me for the last little bit.6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531b37cd8833-320pi   I would like to catch up if you will in the next few posts.  During our recent visit to NC we enjoyed a lovely day out with Keith's parents.  We visited Duke Gardens, it was still early for some things to be in blo6a00d83451d14f69e200e55337d4738834-320piom but what a spectacular place to explore.6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531b95f68833-320pi 6a00d83451d14f69e200e55337d3dc8834-320pi  6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531b2a208833-320pi   6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531b88ad8833-320pi  6a00d83451d14f69e200e55337e1c48834-320pi 6a00d83451d14f69e200e5531bbcaa8833-320pi

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