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 Img_2823 AImg_2849 ugust just got away from me but for some really great reasons: 

Family, food, and fun…We were very fortunate to be able to spend not one but two birthdays with my in laws (kind of handy that they are a day apart 🙂 )  My father in law's was first and he had a taste for brown sugar cake. I had never heard of this kind of cake and it even stumped the Internet,  but I was able to find a recipe in a local southern Img_2875 cookbook from where I used to workImg_2860 , you know the type where all the employees submit recipes.  He seemed pleased with the results,  I hope he gives me a chance to make him one next year and give it another shot.  We did some fun analysis to find out what was differnt from what he remembered.  Img_2900

Keith made a Bluetini for me and I was able to squeeze in some knitting on  Hedera.  Then he grilled some wonderful salmon for dinner. The Img_2891 next day was my mother in law's birthday and we started out with some fresh blueberry muffins (disappeared before I remembered to take a finished product picture), then we headed up the mountain for a bit of sightseeing . Then we headed back and I made up a fresh lemon meringue pie for Judy's big day and pie and some rolls (Keith's request) and fresh vegetable soup.    

Img_2926rImg_2918 Img_2914 One morning we venturedImg_2929_3 out to the Coors Brewery in Golden for the tour and then on to Colorado Springs to the Garden of the Gods and the Airforce Academy (we got in the chapel this time).   We also made it by the Celestial Seasoning Plant tour (no photography allowed) and the mint room is something to experiance. 

In short we had a fantastic time and during their visit. 

Keith and I also had some friends from out East stay with us for a few days this month,  sorry no pictures.. 



Img_2971Img_2959Img_2934  Img_2984Img_2998Img_3000


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Sunday Drive

I awoke early this morning and enjoyed several hours of reading,  Img_2797_3 something I haven't done in quite a while. I Img_2796 am probably the only person on the planet that has not finished the latest of the Harry Potter books.  I am pacing myself.  Keith and I headed out to our usual spot foImg_2800 r a late breakfast and then took a lovely drive up into the mountains.  On our way back home we pulled up to a red light and this pulled up next to us.  I think it is an iguana but I'm not positive.  I tried snapping some pictures as we were driving off.  Img_2804r I have to say this was something neither of us had ever seen.   The iguana seemed pretty comfortable with the arrangement though.  I have to say one of my first thoughts was of a knitterly friend back East ( you know who you are) and her lack of enthusiasm for such creatures. 

Img_2807 On the knitting front,  I have not yet blocked Cozy,  but I have cast on Img_2782 the Hedera socks and am throughly enjoying the pattern.  Keith took this the other night,  Panda can't help but be in  the middle of everything and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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A day in the life of the Cat

Img_2707 Img_2710_2 I haveImg_2715_3 been working fromImg_2718 home this week and have found that I forget to get up and stretch during the day.  So today I thought I would take a snapshot of the kitty each hour in a photo diary sort of way.  She started out with breakfast at 8:18 am…..then a bit groggy at 9:10 am.Img_2721   

This is the power napping at 10:04 am and 11:01 am.  I missed the high noon photo—the roof guy was here and she had disappeared.

Img_2732 Upon her reappearance, she tried to con me into a snack.  No luck so back to the chair and more napping. 

Img_2735r This was one sackedImg_2741 out girl at 3:14 pm.  I'm not sure what I did with the camera but I liked this shot.

Come on Mom,  can't you see I'm trying to sleep?

 Img_2746_2 I did see a bit of action at the 5:09 pm.  This is what we call the big kitty stretch….

Img_2751 SImg_2753 he helped me out with the post around 6:00 pm. 

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