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Make cookies with my daughter, of course. She's not quite old enough to eat them but she enjoys the process and I'm sure her dad will be happy to eat her share.

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Fairy Godmother

First impressions Getting to know each other The last couple of days we have had the pleasure of having my godmother and her husband visit.  They were coming to the area for a wedding and came out a bit early to squeeze in a visit.  It has been quite some time since I've seen them and Keith had never met them.  We had a lovely time visiting and catching up.  Hopefully it won't be another decade before we get to do it again!!!  Susan i and tiny Susan and us

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HapTiny helping daddy open his presentpy Father's Day, Sweetie! We had a very lazy day.  Keith and I enjoyed a waffle breakfast during nap time and then he had some help opening his presents. Waffle breakfast  This afternoon we played in the backyard in our sandbox (rolled oats in a plastic tub).  Playing in the backyard   Blowing bubbles with mommy

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Zoo Fun

Tiny watching the peacockFor Mother's Day we got a zoo pass,  Tiny and I have been putting it to good use.  We met Karen and her little one for a walking tour.  Tiny is intently watching the peacock in this first picture.Peacock Friends Tiny and I at the zoo

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Jungle book I used up some scraps I had laying around and put together this little cloth jungle book.  And of course I made some more soft blocks and a small ball for the trip.Blocks and ball

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Great grandmaAfter our visit with my mom we headed up to the UP (upper peninsula of Michigan) to introduce Tiny to her Great Grandmother. We had such a relaxing visit and we even got to take a stroll by the lake with Uncle Joe. We were very fortunate to also spend time with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin and his family. Tiny had lots of fun with the boys and those Mardi Gras beads were a big hit (thanks Becca). It wasn't a very long visit but we enjoyed seeing everyone. What's in the bag Cousins Tiny and d

Uncle joe and tiny Tiny and jBy the lake Cooling off 

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WatchingWe got back last week from our first trip wit h Tiny. We had such a great time. We began with a visit to my mom's.  My aunt and uncle met us at my mom's anxious to meet their great niece.Sleeping good 

Mom and Aunt Mary went above and beyond setting us up with a room for Tiny complete with the rocking chair from my childhood, a comfy pack n play, and  homemade tote for all of our supplies

We spent lots of time playing on the floor and visiting, visited Midway Village (isn't' the sock monkey great?) and took a walk along the river.   We had such a great visit! Giant sock monkey Playing footsie  Playing with grandmaThe introductions .Hanging with grandpa SwingingPeoniesAt the park

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