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Day 1-Recap

Wednesday, March 1

Littleton, MA to Albany, NY

173 miles, 2 1/2 hours

Day 2

Thursday, March 2

Albany, NY to Plainfield, IN

809 miles, 13 hours

We headed out about 8:30 am to try to get ahead of the storms that were plaguing the States.  The weather was not looking at all friendly.  We didn't have too much trouble, we ran into some sleet and freezing rain as we were nearing the 1000 Islands region.  Fortunately, this we turned south and made excellent time until about 5 pm and ran head on into the storm front.  It was raining so hard you couldn't see the front of the car.  We pushed on and finally stopped around 9 pm in Plainfield, IN.  I wasn't sure how far we would get each day so we didn't have reservations and stayed at a hotel that was a bit interesting (needless to say they would accept pets). 

Day 3

Friday, March 3

Plainfield, IN to Superior, CO (destination)

1102 miles, 17 hours

Img_1248 I070_in_01 I070_il Due to the interesting nature of our hotel, we had decided to head out as soon as we got up.  I am naturally an earlier riser and we were packed up and out of there by 6:30 am.  After about an hour and half of driving we changed to Central Time and got an hour back.  The car updates automatically,  I was pretty impressed. We've been using the car navigation system for the duration of our trip and once we hit 70W around Columbus, OH the voice kept telling us to continue to follow the road for over 100 miles, the better part of 1400  to be exact. I070_mo_01   I070_ks_03       Img_1250_1 Img_1245


And boy is Kansas a big State with miles of nothing but tumbleweeds.  We had a great sunny day for driving with the exception of the wind.  The wind was unreal the whole day,  we stopped for gas somewhere in Kansas and couldn't open the car doors until the gusts past.  We both had sore hands and shoulders from wrestling the car all day.   

Img_1255 I070_co_04 I did manage to get a bit of knitting done on the trip, but most of the time that I wasn't driving I had this furry growth on my lap.  Panda did very well and with each day she settled quicker when we started out.  I think by Day 3 she along with us was tired of being cooped up in the car.


We thought about stopping for the night, but there really wasn't anywhere and we all wanted to get here so decided to push on.  We crossed the Colorado border well after dark but DH did pull into the visitor center so I could snap the shot to the left. He is warming to the blogging.  We arrived safely and in record time on Friday evening about 9:30.

Totals—-3 days, 2084 miles


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Moving Day

IMG_1243 We were fortunate to have a sunny, not too cold day for moving.  However, logistically it started off a bit rocky. The truck was 53 feet long and would not make it in our driveway from either side.  So after much deliberation the driver called for a police detail because loading would have to take place at the end of our very long driveway.  Well,  they got started, called for an extra guy and then the police came.  The officer was not happy about the truck in the road and then let us know that they had not been able to find an officer to come out.  But he didn't shut us down,  the loading continued and continued and continued.  We were shipping one vehicle and there was one on the truck so loading took a bit longer.  No picture of the finished truck because it was 8:30 pm and very dark when the last item went on.

DH had returned from the airport about 5:00 pm (last minute trip to France) to a driveway full of boxes.  We were going to get started on our drive that night and had figured we would be leaving when he got back or shortly after.  Oh well,  the guys did a fabulous job with our stuff.  I am glad they took the extra time to pack it carefully.

As soon as they left we loaded Panda in the car and headed out.  We made it to Albany, NY about 11:30 pm and stayed here.

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Packing Up

IMG_1240 Boxes, lots of boxes

IMG_1241 Because we are being relocated we are very fortunate that the moving company does all the packing. Are these some great packers or what? The guy that packed the kitchen supplemented all of the stemware boxes with pictures but this is my favorite.  They also left the wireless up so that I could keep working.

I waited until the absolute last minute to pick out a couple of knitting projects to tide me over until I get my stash back.  I have to admit there was definitely some separation anxiety. Everything that I have on the needles currently requires a chart or was too complicated/cumbersome for car knitting.  I did bring the second set of Fetching and then I wound some Socks That Rock  color way Gypsum to make Dublin Bay Socks, and for good measure I attempted to wind a skein of Cherry Tree Hill color way Img_1233 Green Mountain Madness.( keep in mind I am winding as they pack the entire house).  I had a bit of an issue with the Madness,  so much so it required intervention.

Img_1236 After a day of packing and a ball of yarn that was a tangle,  I headed out to meet some friends for a lovely dinner at Bamboo in Westford.  I brought my tangled mess and Julie helped me sort it out to the final ball pictured above, while we waited for our drinks.  Thank you!  I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures after we ordered but this was a tasty Img_1228 Apple treat.

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Packing Prep

IMG_1207 Someone is not too concerned about the upcoming move.  I wish I could nap like that.  I got back from Florida on Friday and DH returned from CA and the weekend was spent preparing for the movers.  I gather like objects,  all paintings and mirrors, from around the house and put them in one location for example.  I find this helps with the unpacking on the other end.   DH disconnected the electronics.  I started cleaning out the fridge and I have done more laundry than I can even describe,  exciting stuff-HUH?  Interestingly enough this is my twenty something move,  I have lost count.  We moved a lot when I was growing up and it was always a wonderful adventure to a new state or region.  This will be the first time as an adult that I won't be living in EST.  I am glad that the change will happen close to the new Daylight Savings Time change.  🙂

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It just sort of came out when I saw the kitchen in what I hoped would be our next home.  Our realtor along with my wonderful husband both cracked up.  I think that just signified how warm and inviting the house is.  The last 24 hours have been a roller coaster.  We put in our offer late yesterday afternoon and then I went off to knitting with my fingers crossed.  I have to say that I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such great women, knitters, friends.  I had brought only the mittens and in my scattered state of mind couldn't possibly work on those, one of these knitters generously let me start a more mindless project she had with her while we awaited a response from the sellers.  The realtor called,  then my husband,  long story short they countered, we countered, they countered……and now we are UNDER CONTRACT.  I still am loving the way that sounds :)  It has been a whirlwind of a week, we started our relocation process just last Thursday.  By Thursday Night I was booked on a flight to rendezvous with my husband in Boulder to look at houses, contacted the realtor in Boulder (she rocks), then Friday I met with two realtors about listing our house, applied for a mortgage.  Saturday I flew to LA then to Denver thanks to the ice storm in Dallas.  Sunday it was snowing beautifully while we attempted to drive the neighborhoods we were interested in before meeting with our agent.  Monday  a more focused look at the areas we were considering after a wonderful breakfast at Huckleberry (awesome Eggs Benedict).  Tuesday A marathon to house hunting and our first look at our future place.  Wednesday I flew home thwarted again by Dallas weather giving me many hours to review the past days.  and then we are back to yesterday and today.

Here's a sneak peek…516985e 516985a


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Taking the Plunge

Not that one, we did that last year.  My husband and I, are moving.  Currently, we are living in New England but are in the process of relocating to Colorado.  I just arrived back from our first house hunting trip this evening.  We had a productive day yesterday and saw about 30 houses in the greater Boulder area. 

Although it was a busy weekend, we did enjoy staying here Boulderado.  A very quaint older hotel in downtown.  We also experienced the recent flurry of snow storms hitting the greater Denver area.  I have to admit it was beautiful,  it has been rather drab in New England this winter.  And it seems to be a much milder cold,  the highs were in the teens but the sun more than compensated.  I even took off my coat for most of the day yesterday.

In knitting news,  this is a knitting blog,  I am working on the Anemoi Mittens 

Img_1104 I am using Sport Weight FroImg_1105_1 g Tree Alpaca in a baby pink and grey.


Img_1112 I also just recently finished a scarf for my step father.  I can't remember the yarn right off the top of my head, but it was a lovely merino and silk blend that I picked up on a recent trip to Webs with Julie.  They are in the process of moving from Southern Georgia to Northern Illinois, I think it might come in handy.

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