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  Img_3214This weekend I decided to put my new found bread baking knoImg_3212wledge to the test.  I made a batch of Multi Grain bread from my recent class .  Last night I set the grains to soaking and started the pre ferment.   This afternoon I made up the rest of the dough,  I don't think I have ever had that volume of ingredients in my mixer.   The recipe yields three loaves but I decided to Img_3263 make two loaves and some dinner rolls.   One rise,  two rise and an oven picture.  The final product…the loaves are still cooling but the rolls turned out nicely and house smells fantastic to boot. Img_3261 Img_3264  Img_3269 



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 Img_3167 Today was National Alpaca Day,  Keith and I went to Elizabeth, CO to visit Falkor RanchImg_3158r We spent the better part of the afternoon learning about the workings of an alpaca ranch,  and hanging out with some very sweet alpacas.  Tom and Diane were fantastic hosts and the alpacas are certain charmers.  The pictures—A tentative Cria, the boys and girls meet by the fence, checking out my camera,  checking each other out, mom and baby,Img_3210  wanting to go out to pasture,   snack time, and a nice farm picture  on our way back home.Img_3156 Img_3152 Img_3157  Img_3188 Img_3180r_3  Img_3190   Img_3210

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So I am finally on Ravelry…what a great surprise on Friday.  I haven't had a chance to look around much yet.

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Through the looking glass

…actually the telescope.  May I present the Harvest Moon. Harvest_moon_closeup Harvest_moon_1  

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Saturday Sky

Img_3119r Is it considered gardening if it is inside the house?  Keith and I ran errands today and the first stop was the 15th birthday celebration at my LYS(translation 15% off everything), a quick breakfast at the bagel shop around the corner and then off to the home improvement stores.  After the wonderful and aromatic breads last weekend, I thought it might be a good idea to pick up a few herbs for the kitchen.Img_3114   We found two pretty good size rosemary bushes and a six-pack of thyme. I even re potted them after dinner.  The moon rise was lovely as was our veggies!Img_3112_2  

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Twelve Steps

Img_3106r Img_3098r ...to making bread.  This past weekend I attended the Rustic Bread class at the Culinary Institute of the Roc2007_09_16_rustic_bread_10kies.  It was better than I could have imagined and I learned so much.  We made some lovely selections and I will 2007_09_16_rustic_bread_2definitely be trying these again at home. 2007_09_16_rustic_bread_1_2 Each day I brought home a sampling of the bread we made in class….I've labeled each of the varieties in the photos(click to enlarge).  Courtesy of a fellow bread maker ( I managed to forget my camera both days) here are a few 'action' shots.      

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So Keith and I are big football fans so in honor of the beginning of the season (and a cool down in the Img_3091 weather last weekend) I made a batch of chili and some cornbread. 

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