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Since school is back in session we ventured to the playground  with friends for some water fun.  We have only been a few other times as it gets VERY crowded in the summer.  Riley thought the fountains were a lot of fun(a surprise each time)! After a quick change in the care, we went to check out the children’s section in the nearby Barnes & Noble.  Riley was not as entertained by the train table but picked out a book to look at instead.  As we were all hungry, we stopped for lunch on the way home.  Look out Daddy,  they are holding hands and waiting patiently in line to order.  So cute!


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Riley has been very excited about this book lately.  I thought it would be fun to make an apple pie together.  Both the process and product were lots of fun and very well recieved.

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Fun surpriseWe were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our guests on Friday (my stepmother, Mie, and sister, Anneke),  when I noticed our heat hadn't come on yet.  To sum it up our furnace ended up needing to be replaced but they wouldn't be installing the new one until Saturday.  Mie and Anneke were great sports about the less than balmy temps in the house and we managed to have a great afternoon.  Tiny was intrigued to find out what was in the box.  I was thrilled that it is a vintage bread maker, crank style,  along with some fabulous books and fun alphabet soaps 🙂

Tiny roped Auntie Ani into reading some stories toot sweet.  Reading with aa

Saturday,  Keith was such a sweetie and stayed home with the furnace guys…all day while the girls headed off to the zoo.  Auntie Ani pointing out the monkeys,  chillin' with Auntie Mie, and making new friends (In an unprecedented act, Tiny just went over and took this adorable boy's hand).Monkeys Bench in the zoo Making friends

Sunday, we made bucket bread.  Lots of fun and very yummy.  We made two loaves into cinnamon raisin bread and left one as a sandwich loaf.  Check out the cool bucket.Baking bread Stirring   



KneadingFamily fun 2-13We had lots of playtime, read a zillion stories and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  Hopefully we'll be able to get together again soon:)



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Fall Reading Lineup

I must confess I adore Barnes and Noble, both the store and the website.  I often find that they have some terrific sales and or course the free shipping over $25.  I ordered my fall reading a couple of weeks ago.  Here it is minus the one I have already finished and the in process one on the nightstand.  I have always loved books and remember in elementary school the thrill of ordering from the Weekly Reader book lists, where most selections were under $1 and I still would manage to find 20 or so books I couldn't live without. Fall reading

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 Slr_0074_3 Those of you who know me know that I have a weakness for books and bargains.  This was the best of both.  I have placed an order or two at the After Holiday Sale to enhance my knitting reference library and a couple just for the nightstand.

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So with winter coming although you wouldn't Img_3429 know it with this gorgeous weather, more on that in a bit, I decided it was high time that I knit myself a scarf.  Christine was working on this pattern during her visit back in September and it seemed the perfect pattern.  It is the Herringbone Rib pattern from Life's A Stitch and it is such a great knit.  I used Manos color 106 and size 7 needles.  In the interest of full disclosure, Keith and I went by Shuttles yesterday to pick up a couple more skeins for a hat and some wrist warmers. We had a bitImg_3433 of cake in honor of a book signing, chatted with the author and picked up this delightful new book, Knitspeak: An A to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns

Since this is the first November we have lived in the greater Boulder area,  I must say we are certainly enjoying thisImg_3422 phenomenal weather.  It has been in the 70's most days and brilliantly sunny.  Here are a few pictures from our bagel breakfast, that we enjoyed sitting outside (note Keith's short sleeved shirt). Img_3426rev  

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Img_1500   I have wanted to make muffins a couple of times since we got here but upImg_1498 until this weekend did not have the proper ingredients. My last shopping trip fixed that and yesterday I made a batch of Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins.

Img_1503 I wImg_1519as a bImg_1525it inspired last week with Aunt Mary's biscuit making and decided to give dinner rolls a go.  I have been reading through this fabulous book that Img_1529the ever so talented Julie gave me as a going away gift.  However,  due to theImg_1531 last minute nature of my decision to make these they are the Parker House Rolls from this book.      Img_1536trim_3

Turns out Keith, my dear husband is warming to the blog and was incredibly endearing in documenting the roll making and snapped this shot of my ever present helper.  She likes to keep up on the blogs too 🙂 Img_1509

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