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County Fair

Sunday, we ventured down to the Denver County Fair.  This was the first year for the fair and it was lots of fun.  We were a pleasantly surprised that most of the exhibits were indoors.  Riley especially enjoyed the animals,  she desperately wanted  the baby goats to sit in her lap.  And what’s a fair without at least one ride? 


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 Angora_big Saw this over at Debbi's and thought it looked like fun. Seems pretty accurate as I am knitting Lady Eleanor in an angora blend.  See what Fiber you are here.

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Saturday Fun

  Img_3842   I had the good fortune this weekend to go back East and hang out with the gals. Today Img_3844r_3 Crystal, this little guy, Julie and I headed up  to The Fiber Studio,  took a bit of a detour to Apple Tree Fabrics, then on to The Elegant Ewe.  We found the best stash of Noro Sock yarn, some Habu stainless steel and wool yarn, and I also picked up some Lorna's laces.  Before heading back to MA we had a lovely lunch aImg_3848t The Common Man  .Img_3862

Despite the snow this evening we met up with some more wonderful knitterly friends for dinner and then headed back to Julie's to knit and chat.Img_3869_2  Img_3856   Img_3868


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I wasn’t doing anything….really


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Surprise knitting…

We had another birthday visitor…my mom arrived Thursday morning for the Img_3290r_2 weekend.  I picked her up at the airport and we were off to the outlet shops in Castle Rock for some shopping.  I managed to pick up a few fall items at a big discount.  On our way back we saw a wolf just coming out of a field (of course I didn't have my camera) and then we had a nice dinner out.  Friday morning Mom and I tried out  a local bakery for breakfast,  stopped by the LYS to pick up my gift certificate (my name was drawn during the 15th anniversary celebration) and then we picked up Keith from work and took a lovely drive up to Estes Park and The Stanley Hotel.  My great grandfatherImg_3297r worked at the hotel years ago and met my great grandmother there.  WImg_3288_2 e walked the grounds, the loImg_3277 bby area and the music room.      

Mom had Img_3279 mentioned that with moving north earlier this year that she would like a scarf.  Remember this alpaca yarn?  It became my so called scarf for Mom.  Img_3292r  

Mom asked if Keith would take her out on the motorcycle,  so they went for a ride Saturday afternoon before the rain started and then celebrated with a toast.Img_3312   

 And for the record I did make a carrot cake with cream cheese icing bImg_3335ut it disappeared before I thought to take a picture.Img_3322 Img_3310r

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So Friday started out fabulous….it was the first day of hand knit Img_3021 socks.  I don't usually wear my hand knit socks in the summer,  it's just too hot but the office has been very cold lately and the outsideImg_3040 temperature had dropped just enough for me to break these out. They are an old favorite out of a great colorway, Cherry Tree Hills Foxy Lady. September has always been the start of fall for me, everyone heads back to school, the night's get cooler, it starts to get dark earlier,  football season starts, its time to dig through the recipe box for the comfort food and the leaves will change soon.

Keith and I took full advantage of the last half Img_3032 Friday and headed up to Estes Park.  We ran across a whole herd Img_3038r of elk.  I saw one on the side of the road and when we pulled off saw all the rest in the field. Check out the big guy in the back…close up belowImg_3048 .  I was taking the picture on the left and they turned and walked right to me.  Img_3042r_3  Img_3049_2   

After our fill of the elk, we went into the quaint downtown and Keith found the yarn shoppe where I picked up this lovely skein of alpaca.

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