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Grillin’ Out

We wanted to take full advantage of the lovely Saturday, so Keith grilled up some steaks.  YUMMMMM!  Tiny really enjoyed hers and she also learned how to toast (see the sippy cup?).Steaks



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Zoo Trip

The weather turned out to be even more beautiful than predicted and it seems as though many people had the same idea we did.  The zoo was well….a zoo.  We did have a fantastic time with 4 other moms and babes.  Here are the kids all ready to go.  Ready to go And here is Tiny sitting on a bench enjoying her new found climbing ability.  Love this climbing

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in my long-sleeved t-shirt. We are headed to the zoo this morning with lots of friends. Gotta love these Colorado winters 🙂

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Snail’s Trail

Close up of quilting I finally finished up this quilt for Tiny on New Year's Day.  She has been eyeing it since the piecing was completed last spring.  I was nervous to quilt and bind it so it languished a bit.  I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at free motion quilting. Snail's trail Tiny and her quilt

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Flour Fun

I was recently reminded of just how much fun a bit of flour and some water can be.  Tiny was a bit skeptical at first but really warmed to the idea.Slow to start Flour fun

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First Haircut

Someone has had hair in her eyes for a while and just won't tolerate any kind of clip.  We only got a few snips in and then she was much more content to watch me get my haircut.First haircut attempt Watching mommy

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A bit of overkill

Just after the first of the year,  I ordered a calendar and it arrived in a pretty large box with quite the length of packing material.  We had lots of fun, can you tell?Packing materials

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