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Busy Saturday

IMG_9560IMG_9564IMG_9565IMG_9568IMG_9751IMG_9752Saturday Gavin and I headed off to Touch A Truck. I realized that all too soon he will have outgrown these types of events. Riley and Keith had a Daddy/Daughter fishing morning with her Daisy troop.  She caught her first fish and we had her trout for dinner.


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Since school is back in session we ventured to the playground  with friends for some water fun.  We have only been a few other times as it gets VERY crowded in the summer.  Riley thought the fountains were a lot of fun(a surprise each time)! After a quick change in the care, we went to check out the children’s section in the nearby Barnes & Noble.  Riley was not as entertained by the train table but picked out a book to look at instead.  As we were all hungry, we stopped for lunch on the way home.  Look out Daddy,  they are holding hands and waiting patiently in line to order.  So cute!

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After all the excitement of yesterday,  we were planning on a morning at the Botanic Gardens with friends today.  I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it is to have all of these girls together or how difficult it is to get a picture 🙂  We strolled through the main garden before heading over to the Children’s garden for some running and water play.  Bridges are tons of fun, as is the stream and after getting properly wet Riley loves to be ‘wrapped’ up.

We kept thinking it was awfully hot,  no wonder…check out the temperature. 

Turns out all that heat and fun was so invigorating Riley didn’t want to nap but was in a great mood so she helped Keith and I pick out new shoes and we even ventured out to an early dinner.  Here she is trying on my old shoes and enjoying her first steamed mussels.  That’s my girl!!

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Railroad Museum

Trains, trains, trains everywhere.  I thought we could try something new today.  The railroad museum was fun but I think Riley will enjoy it even more when she is a bit older.  The HO scale model in the basement was spectacularly detailed and it was very interesting to check out the engines and cars outside. We even found a lovely park nearby for our picnic.

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Zoo Fun

We had an early morning and decided to change-up our original plans for the morning and head down to the zoo with some friends.  I am so glad they were up for the last-minute change as we had a fantastic time.  The girls had a blast and us Moms actually managed to chat.

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Zoo Renew

Before Jason had to head back to work we took a trip to the zoo.  Much fun was had by all.

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