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Daddy's girl Tiny and I met some friends yesterday at our local park.  Keith had a few minutes and was able to join us for lunch.  He picked up some subs for Shino and I and came by to see his little girl.Reading with saya


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Img_1500   I have wanted to make muffins a couple of times since we got here but upImg_1498 until this weekend did not have the proper ingredients. My last shopping trip fixed that and yesterday I made a batch of Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins.

Img_1503 I wImg_1519as a bImg_1525it inspired last week with Aunt Mary's biscuit making and decided to give dinner rolls a go.  I have been reading through this fabulous book that Img_1529the ever so talented Julie gave me as a going away gift.  However,  due to theImg_1531 last minute nature of my decision to make these they are the Parker House Rolls from this book.      Img_1536trim_3

Turns out Keith, my dear husband is warming to the blog and was incredibly endearing in documenting the roll making and snapped this shot of my ever present helper.  She likes to keep up on the blogs too 🙂 Img_1509

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