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Meet Polly

I have managed a bit of sewing lately.  This is Polly and my first real attempt at doll making.  The design is from Wee Wonderfuls , a great book with excellent instructions.  I am already working on another one.  They are kind of addictive.  Riley immediately wanted to read stories and change her diaper. 


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Water Play

Since it has been so hot lately,  we met friends at a playground with water features.  I’m glad we got there early as it got crazy crowded a little after 10 am.  We rounded out the morning with a stop at Barnes and Noble.  Lots of Fun!

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It is always fun to get a package in the mail.  Grandma sent this one with a cute little outfit,  seashells from the beach and two Curious George books.

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Riley and I met up with some friends at the zoo today.  The girls had a great time together.  It is amazing to see how everyone has grown.

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Saturday we headed down to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  They have a fantastic children’s garden that opened up last year.  Riley had a grand time playing in the stream and enjoyed her snack.  Mid morning we went into the main gardens and rounded out the morning with a picnic.  Very FUN!









Father’s Day started off with homemade blueberry waffles and bacon.  Riley and I had made a special mug for Keith for Father’s Day as he has recently started enjoying coffee in the mornings.  We had lots of fun making it and keeping the secret for daddy’s special day!







After a lovely breakfast,  Riley asked to go to the Butterfly Pavillion.  So off we went!

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In Pictures

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My sister, Anneke, graduated this past weekend….validictorian no less.  We’re just a little proud of her, can you tell?   Keith, Riley and I headed up to Cape Cod for the festivities.  There was much merriment after the ceremony.

Someone found the hall mirror quite intriguing.

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