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 Slr_0074_3 Those of you who know me know that I have a weakness for books and bargains.  This was the best of both.  I have placed an order or two at the After Holiday Sale to enhance my knitting reference library and a couple just for the nightstand.


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Laundry Day

All this sock talk reminded me that I need to wash our hand knit Slr_0072r socks.  I have been wearing them to work on a pretty regular basis and almost all of them were in need of laundering.  I usually wash them on the gentle cycle in a lingerie bag and then let them air dry.

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Decisions, decisions

I throughly enjoyed the Bloomin' Feet swap last spring so I was thrilled when ISssbadge was asked if I would like to participate in a small swap among friends.   Aptly dubbed the Silly Sock Swap as the packages are due on April Fool's Day.  The matches were made and the questionnaires exchanged.  Now all the decisions about the perfect yarn and pattern.  I am pretty sure I have settled on the yarn, a lovely Lorna's Laces and I have narrowed down the patterns to a select few.  ISlr_0063r am hoping to cast on this weekend. 

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…after the X-Rays

So  it's Thursday night and I am out at knitting and we were discussing interesting blogs and I was Img_3808 mentioning how much I am enjoying SouleMama and her picture project. I was checking to make sure I had the correct blog and noticed that I had an email from Keith.  A bit odd so I opened it and the gist of it was,  if I'm not home when you get here I am at the hospital near the house. Needless to say Eleanor got promptly put away and I headed to the ER to get the whole story. Did I mention I had two phones with me and neither had rang…he didn't want to bother me at knitting.  I think we need a new household rule that any emergency room visits warrant a phone call,  but maybe that's just me.  Fortunately, we meet for knitting very near to our house and the hospital so Img_3806r_2Keith returned my call on my way and caught me up.  Jammed toe/foot on door,  loss of feeling,  can't bear weight,  went to ER,  x-rays, and waiting for results.  The ladies at the desk gave me a visitor badge for Room 15 and pointed me in the right direction.  No pictures in the ER and fortunately his toe/foot is not broken it is a severe contusion that we will need to keep an eye on for a few weeks.  This is a picture about 24 hours later and no matter which camera or lighting I use I can't due the color justice.  One half of his foot is black/purple and the toe is striped.

He is still having a bit of trouble getting around so I think we will be laying low this weekend.

Never a dull moment….

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Change of plans


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Img00012 My first trip of the new year is off with a bit of a delay. We had some snow last night and this morning that seems to have everything a bit backed up. Eleanor and I will be just fine until take off. What does it say about my packing priorities that I remembered the lint brush (Lady E's angora is fond of my dress pants) and forgot my deoderant?…by the way I will pick some up once I land.
PS this is my first attempt at 'remote' blogging, let me know what you think (also read no spell check). 🙂
PPS thank you corporate america for my new blackberry equiped with a camera.

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Saturday Sky

The moonrise over Arvada after a lovely day out. Img_3795

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