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We headed out early today for breakfast and then ran a few errands that including picking up some much needed bookcases for the boxes of still packed books in the basement.  I have to fess up that we haven't spent a whole lot of time unpacking the basement after the furry of unpacking the rest of the house.  Keith got right to work on Img_2623 assembly and I worked on unpacking some of the boxes.  Img_2626   Img_2629   Img_2631    I don't know if this is there final location,  we might put them on the opposite wall (currently where the boxes of books are stacked).

We had a beautiful and comparably mild day (mid 80s) and then the thunder clouds rolled in.  I snapped this just as the rain started. Img_2633

Img_2637 We had a simple supper of Italian Sausage subs, baked beans and I made a quick avocado and tomato salad. Img_2638 


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