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Crystal and Julie are visiting from the greater Boston area and we hit a few of the crafty spots around Boulder yesterday. I only remembered to snap this one photo at the fabric shop. Such fun and some great finds.IMG_0471


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Quick Quilt

SLR_0805 I managed to get this little doggie quilt finished during nap times earlie r this week.  Just a quick quilt,  flannel and cozy.  Fun for playtime.  We have been getting quite a bit of wear out of the Baby Bolero that I knitted last year. 6a00d83451d14f69e20120a813dbd7970b-120wi

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Wearing the hand knits

6a00d83451d14f69e201287716dbff970c-120wiRemember these socks,  I finally remembered to get a proper photo of both pair. It's amazing how different the yarn looks in th6a00d83451d14f69e20120a813ca47970b-320wie two sizes   6a00d83451d14f69e20120a813cbbc970b-320wi

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Finally Finished

Quilt Cozy quilt I finally finished our baby quilt.  I had it pieced, basted and quilted before our little one was born.  I have always tied my quilts but had planned on binding this one,  however it took a bit longer than I had planned.  With the local quilt store closing and our early arrival,  this is my first stab at binding.  I definitely have some room for improvement but she seems to be enjoying it.

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Eye Candy Friday

Sock bannister  What do you use your bannister for?

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Sweetie Pie

Sweetie pie 3 This one is still a bit big…actually fits best on backwards (shown).   This is Sweetie Pie that I finished up sometime late last summer.  I am enjoying my live action model shots for the finished knitwear.  I do find it hard to get a clear picture as she is quite the mover and shaker these days.  Sweetie pie 1  

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Boat Neck Sweater

SLR_0569I finally got around to photographing this cute little knit,  finished last year.  Still a bit big for our little girl but it looks like it will fit soon.  I added a little flower on the front.

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